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Provide the black community with the proper knowledge, training, and skills to be safe responsible gun owners. We welcome all gun owners that believe in freedom,equality, and right to protect our love ones, community, and self.


Our Mission

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Freedom & Equality

Freedom &

Right to Bear Arms

Right to Bear

Right to Protect Ourselves

Right to Protect

Community & Family

& Family

EMP Arms Story

EMP Arms Story

EMP (short for Emancipation) Arms is about liberation and the ability to protect the right to bear arms. We are dedicated to improving the conditions of our neighborhoods and bringing balance back to the black family. We fight for the truth and will never be silenced by cancel culture or any other pseudo righteous terms.


Our Founder
Our Founder
Our Founder

From the desk of Our Founder

I come from a family of hunters, farmers, and proud members of the military so I was exposed to guns at an early age. My father taught me how to safely hold, shoot, and take care of my gun.

In my 20s, I moved away from using guns but as I entered my 40s the hunting spirit was reawakened and I began purchasing firearms again.

There’s a popular gun store in Houston, in fact it’s branded as “The Largest Gun Store in Houston“. It’s where I spent over $20K last year in premium quality weapons. One Saturday I bought a Winchester Model 70 Alaskan for hunting, which had only been fired about five times. Since I wasn’t using the gun I figured I’d sell it back for a good price. Informally, I was accused of stealing the gun even though I purchased it from the store and was in their POS (point of sale) database. When I voiced my frustration at their accusation, they offered me a very insulting price for the gun.

After this experience, I vowed to never buy a gun from them again.

As I shared this story with friends and colleagues, they indicated they’d have a similar experience.Some expressed outrage at the obvious to race, class, gender, overtones in their buying experience.

This is how EMP Arms was born.

I wanted to create a gun buying experience that made the average person and especially black people feel comfortable. I know from experience that gun stores can be very intimidating and inhospitable and it is my goal to create something different for my customers.

Welcome to different!

Hakeem Akbar
EMP Arms, Founder