Firearm Training

Training Overview

Students will learn proper training which ensures that as gun owners they are educated on the responsible practices for handling and using firearms, storing them securely at home,as well as carrying guns in public.

The training will be held in person but there will be some online videos available streamed from YouTube.


Training Benefits

Training Benefits

Like anything practice makes perfect and using a firearm follows this precept. Some of the benefits of training include:

  • Better accuracy
  • Familiarity with the firearm
  • Understanding of proper trigger pulls
  • Hand placement
  • Greater understanding of recoil

These things will help you shoot better if you’re ever in an emergency situation and will help reduce the chance of miscalculated shooting.

Beginner Class

Class Size: 20
Dates: Will be posted soon

For those who have never used a firearm. You will learn the basics to get you comfortable with a weapon.

  • Correct grip and stance
  • Sight and target acquisition
  • Loading and unloading
  • Firing correctly


    Intermediate Class

    Class Size: 20
    Dates: Will be posted soon

    A prerequisite is the beginner class or has taken a class that covers the elements taught in the beginner class.

    • Shooting on command
    • Multiple shots training (burst)
    • Accuracy challenges (Timed)
    • Stress shooting
    • And so much more


    Training Options

    Group Training

    Group Training

    Individual Training

    Individual Training

    Discounts are provided for 6 or more sessions
    purchased in advance.

    Ready to feel more confident with a firearm?

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